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Interview with Greg Watkins at BCC Thailand on how to develop a nationwide English training business.

The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) is working with Linguaphone Group Ltd to help them identify a suitable Master

Top 6 questions asked by Entrepreneurs interested in Education Franchise

Thinking about entering the education franchise business? Don’t rack your brain for the questions that you need to ask us

8 Benefits of integrating online Platforms into blended English Language Teaching (ELT) programs

Increasing opportunities for integrating online platforms into modern blended ELT systems, is not just advantageous, it's essential in the world

3 Essential steps to growing your English Certified training business

Finding the most effective English Certified training course is invaluable for any international company. With so many options to choose

English Training: 9 Franchise Benefits that will lead your Business Nationwide

  Discover the unique Franchise Benefits in the Education Business by Debora Mondella, Head of Marketing (Brand and Digital), Linguaphone Group

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