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Direct English Live! Learning Platform launched at Global Partners Conference in Dubai this month.

Direct English Master Licensees from around the world were introduced to the future of English Language online learning platform at their 2017 Global Partners Conference in Dubai. Powered by Learning Cloud, and supported by Netex Learning, leader in Online Learning

School of English: The Global Conference 2017 that showed how English Learning Platforms will move towards a new future

Over 60 Master Franchisors and Operations Managers from 20 countries attended this year's Direct English Master Franchisees Conference held in Dubai, UAE to assist the launch on Direct English Live! product, the cutting-edge English learning solution created by Direct English,

Interview with Richie Munro BCC Cambodia: How to develop a nationwide English training business

The British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia has worked with the Linguaphone Group for the last year, and helped them successfully select and assign a new Master Franchisee for their pre-school English language program, Pingu's English.  They are now working

Direct English language training for adults launches in South Korea

Linguaphone Group and ST Unitas, South Korea’s biggest and the most advanced e-learning business group, entered into a partnership to help adults and companies in South Korea to learn English and improve their language skill level more easily, using Direct

Ambassador of the British Embassy in Bulgaria attends Direct English official Launch in Sofia

One of the world’s most successful English School franchises, Direct English, opened officially in Bulgaria this month bringing its highly effective teaching methods to adults wanting to learn English. It also brings exciting business opportunities to other schools wishing to

Direct English delivers an increasingly valuable franchise teaching business in Ireland

Linguaphone Group, one of the world's most effective and well-known English language training providers, is expanding its franchised Direct English teaching business in Ireland. Master Franchisee for Direct English in Ireland, Cork Business School, has now completed its In-country teaching,

3 Essential steps to growing your English Certified training business

Finding the most effective English Certified training course is invaluable for any international company. With so many options to choose from the risks are high, but so are the opportunities for investing in a successful English training franchise. Choosing the

8 Questions to Jordan Andonov: Master License for Direct English Bulgaria

Direct English Bulgaria signed their agreement in late 2015 and opened their first successful education franchise and dedicated training center in Sofia last January. Let's discover the exciting experiences and challenges they faced in starting a new education franchise after

Infographic | Women in Business

English Training: 9 Franchise Benefits that will lead your Business Nationwide

  Discover the unique Franchise Benefits in the Education Business by Debora Mondella, Head of Marketing (Brand and Digital), Linguaphone Group Ltd If you are already in the franchise business or are exploring new business ideas, you will find it useful
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School of English | International School

Direct English Gulf Countries

Direct English Launch Bulgaria with DIT UK Ambassador

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Interview with Laura Atkinson, British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.

Interview with Laura Atkinson, British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico about the potential of the Mexican market to franchise a
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