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Imagine an easy and effective Learning journey that delivers tangible results, and Live!

Direct English Live! is an online learning platform that showcases our industry-leading learning resources and interactive practices.

The platform comes with a variety of online tools that have been designed to empower schools, teachers and student learning objectives when combined with Direct English in-class training.
Direct English Live! allows students to access learning content (including bilingual options) on any device: PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone.


Learn as you go.

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8 Levels of Learning Materials

By following the unique, proven teaching methodology of Louis Alexander, students can master everyday communication online,
anywhere and anytime by using CEFR-aligned, industry-leading modules that can be complemented by in-center tutors.



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Interactive English Practice and Review

Students practice speaking, listening, and reading with interactive lessons and regular assessment even when they do not have access
to the Internet (offline mode support). A powerful practice tool is included in this feature, enabling learners to role play and then record and playback their activities. This provides them with a confidence-building ‘safe practice zone’ in which they can develop intonation and pronunciation skills.
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Pronunciation and Intonation Practice

Direct English Live! helps students practice their English and assess their progress, building fluency and confidence in Conversational English. All levels of study are enriched with learning guides and exercise modules.

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Schools'Benefit of Partnering with Direct English

  • Learning Cloud and Mobile App

    Direct English provides an all-in-one solution. Direct English Live! provides clients with effective central administration, teaching support, and country-wide network management. This means that students are able to complement their classroom learning with access to interactive learning resources and teaching schedules, no matter where they are.
  • Classroom Management

    Teachers consistently identify classroom management as a major concern. Direct English Live! empowers educators to monitor class assignment completion as well as individual student achievement.
  • Test English Level

    We provide a Placement test with a 15-minute response-adaptive test of 625 randomized questions. Indicative starting level. A powerful marketing tool to use for lead generation purposes.
  • Intelligent Progress Tracking and Reporting

    Direct English Live also enables staff to effectively track and monitor students’ real time progress through the course and take any necessary corrective actions. Students can track their own progress to see just how far they’ve come and interact with their peers using our social platform, Direct English Live!
  • Gradebook for Teachers

    Students and their grades are shown in an easy-to-read table. Your team can monitor due dates, list grade results, and provide students with feedback all in one place.
  • Full Platform Support

    As a Master Licensee, you and your management team will receive full training on Direct English Live!, both face to face and remotely.
  • Admin Dashboards

    Get analytical insights through Admin Dashboards and keep track of content efficiency and learner performance on the platform.
  • Learner Dashboards

    Keep the learners informed about their individual activity on the platform, their skill levels, recommendations, etc.

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